Here are some recipes you can use:

Add a copy of your new Dribbble shot to...

Dribbble creates a RSS feed with the shots of a specific user. For example my RSS link with my latest Dribbble shots is: (replace your username in this URL)

With IFTTT you can makes recipes from those RSS feeds.

Automatically post your new Dribbble shots on Twitter

For this I created an IFTTT recipe, with the following description:

If new feed item from, then post a tweet to @benoitboucart

If there is a new shot on Dribbble, share it on Twitter

This recipe is public, so you can use & update it:

IFTTT Recipe: Post a Tweet when you add a new Dribbble shot

Other useful recipes...

This is just to show you what’s possible with IFTTT. You can also explore trending recipes or create your own, personalised ones.

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